From traditional cuisine to modern Chinese fare combined with open-minded ideas on the use of ingredients and recipe, an impressive number of culinary gems are offered with quality service. Enjoy their authentic taste along with the magnificent view from the hotel's top floor.


  • Charges and opening hours are subject to change without notice.
  • Please refrain from entering the restaurant in flip-flops, sleeveless shirts (if a man), or shorts.


The layout of the restaurant is designed to respect the privacy of customers,
and there are nine private rooms from small to large.
We can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time by combining rooms.
The restaurant can also be used to host a banquet accommodating up to 80 guests by making use of some of the public seats.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • *These rooms may be used by restaurant customers with meal orders only.
  • *Charges include service charges and tax.

City view & Bay view
Special room Tenku

With windows facing three directions, this special room offers magnificent views of both the ocean and the city, something only Yokohama can offer.

  • For 8 to 12 guests, Additional room charge:¥13,000 (2 hours)
  • Bay viewSemi-private room Kagayaki, Akari
    This room is located on the ocean side overlooking the port of Yokohama. It is a semi-private type room without partitions near the ceiling. The adjoining rooms (Tenku, Kagayaki, and Akari) can be combined depending on the number of guests in your party.
    For 4 to 8 guests, Additional room charge:¥8,000 (2 hours)
  • City viewPrivate room Sanku, Kaiku
    These are completely private rooms on the Yokohama city side with a view of the Ferris Wheel. Partitions can be opened to make the room a single space.
    For 6 to 14 guests, Additional room charge: ¥10,000 (2 hours)
  • WindowlessSemi-private room Gaku, Kai, So, Rin
    This is a semi-private type room without partitions near the ceiling. It is available for a minimum of two guests.
    For 2 to 6 guests



Restaurant reservations
10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.