The InterContinental Group takes part of a global operation that provides the highest standards of service to VIPs and distinguished guests from around the world. With extensive experience and experience in the hospitality industry, we are positioned to cater to a wide range of events and functions, from business conferences to celebrations and banquets in our halls. The service includes the hall itself together with a team of qualified staff to ensure that every event and meeting runs smoothly.



Large Banquet Rooms

This lovely, elegant, and spacious atmosphere offers a splendid place for interactions with people of all kinds, providing an enriched experience. It can accommodate various kinds of parties with up to 700 guests, from anniversaries and celebrations to dinner shows. It also comes equipped with features to facilitate international conferences and business meetings.

Medium Banquet rooms

For intimate gatherings with family and close friends, we provide the ultimate setting with personalized service. This versatile venue can be used for business meetings, seminars, celebrations, or as a waiting room.

Dining Salons

Given the prestigious name of the InterContinental Hotel, the dining salon is designed to the highest standards for view, décor, and ambiance, making it the perfect location for entertaining guests. It is ideal for dinner parties, buffet-style parties, and celebrations for birthdays and other important milestones in life.

Party Spaces

This is the perfect location for after-parties and other casual gatherings. It offers a chic yet relaxing atmosphere


  Banquet rooms Area Height Capacity
Dinner Reception Classroom Theater
1F Silk 242m² 4.2m 40~100 80~150 60~120 150~240
1F Pearl 122m² 3.6m 20~50 30~70 30~70 70~115
3F InterContinental Ballroom*Be able to partition in to three separate spaces. 722m² 6.8m 250~430 360~700 280~420 400~700
3F Pacific 507m² 3.0m 80~200 100~300 90~200 120~320
3F Bay View 274m² 3.0m 60~90 80~150 70~90 100~200
3F Aegean 143m² 3.0m 40~60 40~80 40~60 50~100
3F Atlantic 157m² 3.0m 40~80 60~100 40~66 50~104
3F Adriatic 55m² 3.0m 10~30 30~50 15~25 20~40
30F Le Grand 103m² 2.5m 6~15 20~30 - -
30F May Fair 136m² 2.5m 8~16 30~40 - -
30F Carlton 108m² 2.5m 14~26 25~35 - -
30F Al Bustan/ Amstel / Willard 72m² 2.5m 4~10 20 - -
2F Starboard 297m² 2.5m~2.8m - 40~80 - -
6F of the convention
Bay Bridge Cafetería 264m² 3.4m 70~120 40~150 - -
Banquet rooms Silk 1F
Area 242m²
Height 4.2m
Capacity Dinner 40~100
Reception 80~150
Classroom 60~120
Theater 150~240
Banquet rooms Pearl 1F
Area 122m²
Height 3.6m
Capacity Dinner 20~50
Reception 30~70
Classroom 30~70
Theater 70~115
Banquet rooms InterContinental Ballroom 3F
*Be able to partition in to three separate spaces.
Area 722m²
Height 6.8m
Capacity Dinner 250~430
Reception 360~700
Classroom 280~420
Theater 400~700
Banquet rooms Pacific 3F
Area 507m²
Height 3.0m
Capacity Dinner 80~200
Reception 100~300
Classroom 90~200
Theater 120~320
Banquet rooms Bay View 3F
Area 274m²
Height 3.0m
Capacity Dinner 60~90
Reception 80~150
Classroom 70~90
Theater 100~200
Banquet rooms Aegean 3F
Area 143m²
Height 3.0m
Capacity Dinner 40~60
Reception 40~80
Classroom 40~60
Theater 50~100
Banquet rooms Atlantic 3F
Area 157m²
Height 3.0m
Capacity Dinner 40~80
Reception 60~100
Classroom 40~66
Theater 50~104
Banquet rooms Adriatic 3F
Area 55m²
Height 3.0m
Capacity Dinner 10~30
Reception 30~50
Classroom 15~25
Theater 20~40
Banquet rooms Le Grand 30F
Area 103m²
Height 2.5m
Capacity Dinner 6~15
Reception 20~30
Classroom -
Theater -
Banquet rooms May Fair 30F
Area 136m²
Height 2.5m
Capacity Dinner 8~16
Reception 30~40
Classroom -
Theater -
Banquet rooms Carlton 30F
Area 108m²
Height 2.5m
Capacity Dinner 14~26
Reception 25~35
Classroom -
Theater -
Banquet rooms Al Bustan/ Amstel / Willard 30F
Area 72m²
Height 2.5m
Capacity Dinner 4~10
Reception 20
Classroom -
Theater -
Banquet rooms Starboard 2F
Area 297m²
Height 2.5m~2.8m
Capacity Dinner -
Reception 40~80
Classroom -
Theater -
Banquet rooms Bay Bridge Cafetería
6F of the convention centre
Area 264m²
Height 3.4m
Capacity Dinner 70~120
Reception 40~150
Classroom -
Theater -


Inquiries and Requests
9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday excluding holidays and New Year holidays