InterContinental Ballroom

3F Dinner 250 to 430 people

The largest banquet hall in the hotel. The ballroom can be configured for a variety of events including formal dinners and banquets, trade shows and exhibitions, international conferences, reunions and celebrations, and of course wedding receptions. The largest single room in the hotel, the Ballroom can accommodate 700 guests at a time or be partitioned into three separate spaces for various events. Experience lasting memories in a luxurious venue reminiscent of a European ballroom.


3F Dinner 80 to 200 people

Three distinct areas: dining hall, lounge and balcony. The spacious 210 square meter outdoor balcony area offers stunning views of the Yokohama Minato Mirai district and key landmarks such as the giant Ferris Wheel, Bay Bridge and the Red Brick Warehouse.


Bay View

3F Dinner 60 to 90 people

A bright, open space where the endless bay view catches the eye. The feature glass wall makes the most of stunning views across the port of Yokohama, accentuated by the sparkling ocean by day and the twinkling city lights by night. The banquet room is equipped with a dedicated counter bar where friendly bartenders are on hand to provide cocktails and other beverages.


3F Dinner 40 to 60 people

Styling inspired by the Aegean Sea. Panoramic sea views framed by the Bay Bridge are complemented by an interior design aesthetic inspired by the Aegean Sea, with vivid patterns featuring the blue of the ocean and the yellow of the sun that create a wonderful sense of freedom and space and evoke images of holiday homes dotted along the Aegean coastline.


3F Dinner 40 to 80 people

The interior design of the banquet room features a nautical theme inspired by imagery of cabins on a yacht, with ceiling fans and views of Yokohama bay from the windows adding to the resort feel.


3F Dinner 10 to 30 people

Tastefully subdued monotone color scheme and lighting. The event space can be configured for a range of settings including more intimate meetings, pre-event guest reception, and informal gatherings.


1F Dinner 40 to 100 people

Banquet room with a wooden floor and mansionlike interior design. Ideal for holding elegant parties in a relaxed atmosphere. This room can be used for a wide variety of applications from formal parties to meetings and banquets through combined use of three rooms, with the adjacent Pre-function Room and Pearl Room.


1F Dinner 20 to 50 people

Featuring a wooden floor and a relaxed atmosphere. The Pearl Room can be used for a wide variety of applications from formal parties to meetings and banquets through combined use of three rooms, with the adjacent Pre-function Room and Silk Room.


Le Grand

30F Dinner 6 to 15 people

Named for the hotel in front of the Paris Opera House, Le Grand features an interior with windows on three sides, each affording views of Yamashita Park, the port of Yokohama, and the Bay Bridge. It seats up to 15 guests for dinner and can accommodate up to 30 guests for buffet-style parties.

May Fair

30F Dinner 8 to 16 people

The dining salon on the 30th floor is an elegantly furnished private space that offers stunning views across the Yokohama area. The living room is equipped with a counter bar. Spend precious moments in elegance and harmony as you take in the glittering night view of the Minatomirai district and its giant Ferris Wheel.


30F Dinner 14 to 26 people

Named for a hotel in Cannes, Carlton lets you gaze over the port of Yokohama and the Bay Bridge as you enjoy your meal or party. The stylish yet relaxed atmosphere will make your gathering special.

Al Bustan / Amstel / Willard

30F Dinner 4 to 10 people

The dining salon on the 30th floor is an elegantly furnished private space. Ideal for intimate gatherings, these rooms can be used to celebrate birthdays and other important milestones in life or host business dinners. Al Bustan and Amstel offer bay views across to the port of Yokohama, while Willard offers city views including the famous Ferris Wheel.



2F Reception 40 to 80 people

Understated elegance reminiscent of an English library. An intimate space with a dedicated bar and lounge areas, it is ideal for small private gatherings. It even has a performance space complete with piano.

Bay Bridge Cafetería

6F of the convention centre Dinner 70 to 120 people

The Bay Bridge Cafetería, operated by the InterContinental Yokohama Grand, on the 6th level of the PACIFICO Yokohama convention center is the perfect venue for casual gatherings and after-dinner drinks, offering spectacular views of Yokohama including the twinkling Bay Bridge and Ferris Wheel at night.



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