Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel Co., Ltd. Site Policy

Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) takes the utmost care to appropriately protect the personal information of customers who use the website operated by the Company. This site policy explains the handling of personal information on the website. Customers using the website are considered to have fully understood and agreed to the contents of this site policy. The Company may change this site policy at any time, and customers are regarded as having agreed to the site policy in its current form after the changes.

Scope of Application

Personal information received from customers is used for the following purposes:

  • 1. Reservations for hotel accommodation, meetings and events, restaurants, etc., various services, and customer safety;
  • 2. Providing information about, offering and managing the services, merchandise, events, and promotional campaigns handled by the hotel;
  • 3. Conducting surveys regarding the hotel’s services and merchandise, etc.;
  • 4. Launching new services and merchandise handled by the hotel;
  • 5. All operations ancillary or related to (1) to (4) above;
  • 6. Operations related to the provision of the hotel’s services and merchandise;
  • 7. Providing guidance and various types of information on services, merchandise, various events, and promotional campaigns handled by the hotel and its business partner companies, etc.; and
  • 8. Responding to enquiries and requests, etc.


Confirmation or contact emails concerning the following matters are sent to customers who make reservations, cancellations, change customer information or request password notification through the website:

  • Notice of member registration;
  • Completion of changes to registration;
  • Completion of reservations;
  • Prior confirmation;
  • No Cancellation of reservations;
  • No show (failure to arrive, without prior communication); and
  • Password notification.

Also, emails regarding the latest information about merchandise and services are sent as needed in text or HTML form to those who wish to receive the emails. If you do not wish to receive information by email, delivery of the emails can be stopped by changes to settings. Please follow the cancellation procedures referred to in the email magazine distributed.

Copyright and Trademark Rights

  • 1. Copyright in images, text, audios, videos, programmes and other information (“Content”) posted on the Company’s website belongs to the Company. However, if copyright in any Content is owned by a copyright holder other than the Company, the copyright in such Content belongs, in principle, to that copyright holder. Customers are prohibited from using Content beyond the scope of the personal use, etc. permitted by the Copyright Act (including reproduction, alteration, and reuse on other websites, social media and printed material), without the permission of the relevant copyright holder.
  • 2. Trademarks used on the Company’s website (logos, etc.) are protected by the Trademark Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights.

Information Security

When personal information is provided to us by customers, security is ensured by encryption of the personal information through the latest encryption technology, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), or application of equivalent security technology for preventing unauthorised access by third parties during communications. We also strive to ensure the security of customers’ personal information by installing firewalls, computer virus countermeasures, and taking other reasonable security measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, alteration, etc. of personal information through unauthorised access by third parties.
Handling of personal information within the Company’s website is in accordance with our separately specified Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used on the website for increasing the convenience of customers when using the website. Cookies are technology used for identifying customers’ web browsers or devices. Through the settings in your browser, you may personally refuse to accept cookies or may have notifications displayed when receiving cookies. If you refuse to accept cookies, you may be able to view this website but you will not be able to make full use of the website functions, so we recommend that your browser be set to accept cookies.

Use of Web Beacons

The Company uses web beacon technology in delivery of HTML emails (excluding reservation-related emails). Web beacons are small images (1 x 1 pixel image GIFs) that cannot be seen by the human eye which are mechanisms embedded in web pages and HTML electronic mail for collecting viewing information. In that way, information is accumulated about your email opening and previewing status and web pages viewed from emails. Web beacons are used for enhancing the Company’s merchandise and services, including improving the performance of the Company’s website.

Social Media Policy

The InterContinental Yokohama Grand hotel (the “Hotel”) shall comply with this policy in its use of social media. The matters prescribed in the policy shall apply to all users of the Hotel’s official accounts and services incidental thereto (“Users”).

1. Management Policy

  • 1. The Hotel shall transmit information carefully, understanding that information transmitted via the Internet can be accessed by many and unspecified Users and that once any information has been transmitted it cannot be completely deleted.
  • 2. The Hotel shall endeavour to adopt an attentive attitude and to act responsibly towards remarks transmitted by Users.
  • 3. Employees of the Hotel (including executives, staff under an employment relationship, and temporary workers) shall comply with various laws and regulations and the Company’s Management Policy, Action Guidelines, and Privacy Policy.

2. Matters Prohibited from Being Transmitted by the Hotel or Users

The Hotel shall delete any Content or posts, regardless of their details, that fall under any of the following items or are likely to interfere with the management of this website :

  • 1. Matter that infringes the human rights or privacy of any User or employee of the Company;
  • 2. Matter that defames the Company, any User or a third party;
  • 3. Matter that infringes the copyright, intellectual property rights or other such rights of the Company, any User or a third party;
  • 4. Matter that violates any legislation, laws and regulations, or public order and morality;
  • 5. Commercial matter that introduces, advertises, etc. a User’s own merchandise, store or company;
  • 6. Matter or posts posing as those of a third party, including the Company; or
  • 7. Any other matter that the Company deems to be unsuitable for publication.

3. Use of Images, etc. Posted by the Hotel

Please refrain from saving, processing or using the Hotel’s registered logos or images without permission.

4. Disclaimers

  • 1. The Company may discontinue or suspend operations or change information in the official accounts without notice.
  • 2. The Company shall have no responsibility with regard to Content posted by Users. It shall not be responsible for damage to Users caused by utilisation of the official accounts, or by being unable to utilise the accounts due to temporary suspension or discontinuance, regardless of the reason.
  • 3. The official accounts shall be managed in accordance with the systems of the social media companies. The Company is unable to respond to any questions concerning the management status of those companies’ systems.

5. Enquiries

Please direct any enquiries in relation to the use of social media to the InterContinental Yokohama Grand Social Media Manager.

For customers using social media

Transmissions and contributions

Transmission of information in the Hotel’s official social media accounts does not necessarily guarantee that such information is an official announcement or opinion of the Company. Please see the Hotel’s website or news releases for official announcements and opinions of the Company.

News coverage or filming within the facilities

In principle, the Hotel does not allow news coverage or filming in public spaces such as the lobby or in restaurants (excluding private rooms), bars and lounges, etc. If any news coverage or filming occurs without prior permission, the persons involved will be asked to stop and leave the premises and to withdraw usage of the coverage or filmed material. Thank you for your cooperation.


These regulations may be changed without prior notice.